Mr. Unknown

by Jim Allchin

Genre: Rock


Verse 1
I need to have a good time
Vodka and Red Bull, a bottle of wine
Every night it’s the same old plan
Friday I’m Tommy, the next I’m Sam

I just want to be
Someone not me
I’m always alone
Mr. Unknown

Day after day, after day
Rainbows of people past my way
I don’t trust anyone with just being me
Their deceit comes too easily
So I’ll just be Mr. Unknown
Safe and all on my own

Verse 2
So why should I let myself trust?
Inauthentic; it’s a pandemic
Camouflage is my perfect home
I can survive there, as Mr. Unknown

I just want to be
Someone not me
Life in halftone
Mr. Unknown

So alone, so alone
I’m all alone

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