Mustang Corners

by Tim Daldrup, Dave Knipe

Genre: Americana/Country


Mustang Corners

Baby take me in your arms
I know it’s alright
Tell me a story
Make it a funny one
Cuz the blinkin red lights
And the broken white lines
Sometimes they get to me
My tummy starts turning
My eyes are burnin


Mustang Corners and the Milky Way
Wish I could stay one more day
Many many miles I got to go
I ain’t gonna sleep in your arms anymore

Baby I got to hit the road
Don’t mind if you cry
You know this ain’t home
So I will say good-bye
I been thinkin all night
And I know that I am right
So I will drive away
The wheels are turnin
My eyes are burnin


….I can’t think of nuthin
But the winding road ahead
Who knows what waits for me
Around the bend
Who knows if I’ll stand
Or if I’ll fall….

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