My Everything

by Dan Racer

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


The day has finally come my beautiful,
Your eyes sparkling so brightly,
The world disappears around me,
And now we start our brand new lives together,
Put your left hand in my right
And hold on til forever,

Today I give my heart, my soul,
My deepest love,
It’s all for you now,
You have my everything

I will be the one to make you laugh and smile,
I’ll hold you oh so tightly,
And we’ll be silent for a little while,
And when you’re sad,
I’ll dry your tears with my ever tender touch,
I will do my best to bring back that smile I love so much

And as we walk this road together,
I’ll stand beside you through whatever,
I’ll give you strength,
I’ll be your everything

All the colors of the world are so much brighter since I met you,
I see the beauty of creation in your eyes,
You’re my answered prayer,
The only one I’ll give myself to,
And no one else could ever steal my heart away from you

And when the day is done and we’ve grown old,
When our children have grown up and started families of their own,
I’ll still be the one to hold you tight,
And tell you everything will be alright,
Marry me and be my wife tonight,
I’ll hold back nothing,
You are my everything

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