My Favorite Flavor

by Randish Joeglal

Genre: Pop


Hey baby listen to this
I know I’ve been away for long
but sitting here in bed
I kinda wrote you a song
A blissful little melody I sing myself to remedy
A cure for what I’ve been missing…

Your kiss
Miss I miss your kiss
Oh the sweet taste of your lips
Now you know what my favorite flavor is.

Lady remember the day
you were coming home from school
but I was at the laundromat
so you took a different route
You came to me, explained to me
I could come if no one sees
but when I walked you home…

You gave me a stare
Like nothing else was there
The people watchin’ did you care
Still ya let me taste my favorite flavor

Babe you know I love you more than anything
and right now I’m promising a promise ring
cant you see my favorite flavor ain’t the only thing
cause like I said before……
more than anything

I love you
the way u do the things you do
and the way u love me too
dont ever go away I cant live without you….

or your kiss
miss I miss your kiss
oh the sweet taste of your lips
it’s so hard to live without….

you gave me a stare
like nothing else was there
the people watching did you care
Still ya let me taste my favorite flavor….

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