My heart is beating

by Clou Simon

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Verse 1:
Don’t you remember the morning light,
The morning you woke up next to me?
Your eyes seemed to say they’re shining only for me.

I couldn’t resist your smiling face,
I couldn’t resist your blue eyes,
Today I get sad when you are not here with me.

Feel the moment when I look in your eyes
When my heart is asking: „Stay by my side!“
You can hide but I hope you return
‘cause my heart is beating,
It’s beating for you.

Verse 2:
The touch of your lips and your fingertips
Is telling me that you enjoy it.
My body is burning more than I can bear.

I’d like to hold you all day and all night,
I want you to stay all the time,
I want you to stay a moment that feels like a lifetime.


I’ve never felt this way,
Never felt it so strong before
Is this heartbeat a language speaking to me?


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