My Situation

by Joseph Tonelli

Genre: Folk


My Situation
Through my window to my wall
It hits just right
Silhouettes of trees against moonlight.
Can’t take my shoes off
Can’t go out with the boys
That’s my situation.

Can’t write no song
Except ‘bout myself
Can’t be distracted from no book down from my shelf.
And all these guitars they just hang upon my wall.
Yeah that my situation,
They just decoration.

And the trails gone cold
As the night goes on
For miles and miles with no destination
Yeah that’s my situation.

And now the shadows fade as dawn comes creeping through
The card is on the table
Once again I pulled the fool.
My eyes the feel so heavy
But my mind it moves too fast.
I really needed rest tonight
But now my chance is past.

Now its time to move
But man I just feel like a ghost
So many things I got to do today
I’ll do ‘em half at most
So I pray I get so worn down
‘Cus right now my nerves are wrecked
If I work my fingers to the bone then I might just get some rest
If I work my fingers to the bone then I might just get some rest


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