Never find their home

by Jeff Burton

Genre: Folk


Never Find Their Home

I’ve been listening to Martyn
He makes a lot of sense to me
Seems a shame that he was broken
I hope at last he can be free

I traveled with the gospel writers
Do you remember me back then
In a moment they were taken
Now we’re all alone again

Far too many on these waters
Will slip beneath the foam
Far too many on these waters
Will never find their home

There were some of them in secret
Not too many knew their name
Still we gathered ’round their fire
It’s still shining just the same


All the poets and the dreamers
Though they knew the cost
Set their hearts toward the journey
All too many have we lost


Come and sit down with your coffee
Come and sit with me a while
Tell me how the magic changed you
Let me see you smile

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