Never Give Up

by Gary Pryor

Genre: Pop


Toby’s looking for a better place
He feels defeated in the daily race of his life
Says there’s got to be a better way
Than waking up to doing nothing more than survive
But he can’t find his destined road
He’s too busy worrying about the bills he’s owed
Though he thinks the world is caving in
Someday he’ll see there’s other ways to win

Just remember now don’t ever give up
Never give up now until the end has come
Until you step across the line – take it right down to the wire
You’re in the captain’s chair at your command
Just be proud and tall it’s time to take a stand
Cuz life means more, it’s worth fighting for
Find your vision, keep your stride – You’re gonna make it

Kylie really loves to dance
She was always hoping for a chance in the show
“Girl you’re the best” all her friends would say
And they told her on audition day she should go
But competition was extreme
It nearly broke her down she didn’t make the team
But still she lets the passion burn
Cuz she believes in the day when she will have her turn

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