Genre: Americana/Country


If you’re the sea, I’m the shoreline
If you’re the field, I’m the end line
If you’re a lie, I’m the thin line
Between me and you, there’s no lie I won’t chew

If I’m the crazy, you’re the sane
If I’m the load, you’re the crane
If I’m the pulse, you’re the vain
Connecting our hearts, that’s what you do

We’re opposites as silk and clay
As Iggy Pop and Doris Day
As muddy water and pink champagne
As lovers or friends
Knowing love to be a mad state
I never wanna go sane again

If you’re the front, I’m the back
If you’re the train, I’m the track
If you’re the cruel, I’m the kind
That never lets go, ‘cause that’s the only love I know

If I’m the sun, you’re the shade
If I’m the wound, you’re the blade
If I’m the lost, you’re the saved
Rescued by a love…

Chorus: repeat

Tear this ol’ world into pieces
Out of the ruins comes love
Looking for a heart that’s open
Let it grow
Never let it go….

Chorus: repeat

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