New Year’s Tonight

by Brian Huber, Rex Dador, Teddy Atkins

Genre: Pop


So tired of the daily grind
Wish I could get a minute to find
Just a little piece of mind
Stuck in traffic two hours a day
Always another bill to pay
There’s got to be a better way

Let’s catch a flight anywhere
LA, Dubai, how about Time Square
Let’s drop the ball and do this right
With a million close friends tonight

So raise a glass on up
Forget the past
Let’s be what we’re meant to be
There’s no wrong or right
Put your hand in mine
It’s our new year’s tonight

The sun sets from a mile up
The flight attendant refills my cup
I leave my worries in the jet stream
Walking out of gate 75
I look at you with a devious smile
Time to let off a little steam

Let’s show this town what we’re made of
This year’s countdown we’ll be in love
I’ll toast to you for health and wealth
You’ll never spend another new year’s by yourself

Chorus repeat

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