No Monsters Here

by Peter Bowling Anderson

Genre: Americana/Country


by Peter Bowling Anderson

My little baby girl
You get so scared at night
It’s time to go to sleep
But you still want the light

You say you’re sure there’s something there under your bed
They don’t come out until it’s dark
After I leave you alone
So I check one more time…

CHORUS: There are
No monsters here
There are
No ghosts to fear
You are safe
So close your eyes
I will always be near

The years pass by so fast
You’ve grown up much too soon
I help you load the car
And drop you off at school

You call me after just a week ready to leave
You say you feel too far from home
All by yourself
But I say
You’ll never be alone

CHORUS: (Repeat)

And now you hold my arm as I walk you down the aisle
You look so beautiful; I just hide my tears and smile

I know you’re scared of what’s to come
How things will change
I may be giving you away to be his bride
But you’re still my little baby girl

CHORUS: (Repeat)
Yes, I will always be near

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