No Rain

by Jay Matthes

Genre: Americana/Country


She grew up barefoot, played the violin
It made her mama happy
I watched the whiskey run down her chin
It’s getting late now
She says she’s going home, and if I could walk her
She don’t wanna be along
She says

Come inside, I got plenty of wine
You know I get lonely in the summertime
I’m going to commit a crime just so I have someone knocking at my door
I laugh and kick at dirt
and say I guess one glass won’t hurt
She puts on a different shirt and leaves the sequins lying on her floor
It’s what we do

It ain’t easy to forget love I’ve found
A bottle only empties, a lover only leaves, a joint only burns down
There’s rocks below my window
and when the sky is dark I hear ’em knockin’
Her hair melts down below her shoulders
Her one-too-many voice lights up my yard
I say


I miss your passion
Yeah I miss your voice, I miss your surprises
but when she’s here, I could sleep through a divorce
Sometimes bad things happen
Everyone feels pain and we’re no different
She’s a desert
Long days, cold nights, no rain

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