Noah’s Ark

by Paul Hanna

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Food in my stomach, roof over my head when i get sleepy i go to my bed whoa whoa, yeah yeah.

Wake up in the morning get in my car put the heater on eat my breakfast bar i got everything, change my cell phone ring.

Move lanes when i please give valet my keys pour a coffee drink get paid just to think, what more do i want, should i give or flaunt.

Lunch time what to eat hot steak or sushi i can eat either on doesn’t matter to me , wow i have it good, if i should i would.

After work what to do watch my plasma t.v. take a dip in my pool or just be lazy, this is the life, no fuss no strife…

What about the man on the street he had no food to eat no shoes on his feet, looked like he was beat nothing on him was neat a person he’d like to meet,,, do i really need all that i have.

Well if i don’t need all that i have what should i do, wont you give me a clue, wont you turn on your big t.v., then you will see.

Their are some out there with no food to eat no shoes on their feet or no place to sleep you see disaster hit, nature threw a fit.

In his eyes we are one no one better than the other if you think otherwise go and cry to your mother its time to do, chase away the blues.

One step a time no need for hurry, take a step back amongst this scurry, thank you for this day, ohh come what may..

Now the man who was on the street hes got food to eat shoes on his feet hes dressed nice and neat got a place to sleep and hes holding his head up high..
You see you really never needed all that you had.

Now the people that were put on the street they’ve got food to eat and shoes on their feet their dressed nice and neat they’ve got a place to sleep and their holding their head up high…
We don’t need all this material that we have….

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