Noble Man

by Ian Carroll

Genre: Folk


I’m not a Noble man or King upon a throne,
Just an old man living all alone,
In Grafton Street is where you’ll likely see me,
In my cardboard castle for everyone to see!

To marry at nineteen a lifetime ago it seems,
To my Annie from the sweet liberties,
‘Til Gods hand took her away from me,
Only three years oh whats my life to be,
Oh the bottle of grog helped me escape,
But caught me and made my life a waste,
So as you look at me out of the corner of your eye
Maybe now you’ll realise the reason why ,that…


It’s so hard to see when you’re down,
When this world spins around out of bound,
Look forward to night and peace in my dreams,
But tomorrow again pulled apart at my seams,
Can I have the good times again that I once knew,
Where those faces gone that now seem so few,
So as they step o’er me in this life’s race,
I’ve only you now my Lord to embrace.


Odd jobs I done a here and a there,
To keep that bottle from getting bare,
Through two world wars, I at war with myself,
There’s no turning back now Lord I confess,
An old man now people I see,
Through blurry eyes it’s not what it used to be,
Oh the slabs they are getting a colder now,
What day is it? My head I finally bow.

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