Not What I Expected

by Dave Nachmanoff

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Not What I Expected
By Dave Nachmanoff
© 1995

At the end of this trail of tears, at the edge of my horizon
From the corner of my eye, I caught myself off guard
Like a harlequin’s romance, or such tender expectations
Getting past my sleeping sentry, with a turn of a friendly card


This is not what I expected
This is not what I expected
This is not what I expected
This is not what I expected

There must be a hidden source, but you won’t know until you get there
When the word has been revealed, and you’ve peeled away a layer
Oh it’s under every stone, in this desert’s painted canvas
Like a wellspring of love, or a suddenly answered prayer



And it’s Custer’s last one night stand
It’s raining hard to beat the band
You hold a rainbow in your hand
And I can only wonder, just stare in wild wonder
Listening to the silence, counting seconds ‘til the thunder


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