Nowhere Central

by Ian Williams

Genre: Rock


Well they closed the railway station
But they never told this town
Took a graffiti education
When the battle fleet went down
And the supermarket trolleys
In their graveyard by the beach
Are the sculptures of a future
That is so far out of reach

In Nowhere
Nowhere Central
Well I never thought I’d be residential
In Nowhere
Nowhere Central
Well I never thought I’d be…

Now the crowds have all gone inland
Where they shelter from the storm
While we’re standing on the outside
Hands in pockets to keep warm
So we’ll pass the last Silk Cut round
And throw pebbles at the pier
‘Cause our ship’s not coming in now
There’s just fish and blood stains here

In Nowhere….

You can see them on the slip road
Underneath the orange glow
With a sign that just says “Somewhere”
That is where I long to go
Will you help me choose some music?
We can listen on the way
‘Cause the fairground’s packing up now
And we’ll follow them away

From Nowhere….

Well I never thought I’d be
This close to Eternity

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