by David Brookings

Genre: Pop


Coming bac from a NY trip / I just made up my mind
to get a guitar and practice hard
Lessons for a year and they tell you what you want to hear / so, I quit to teach myself
Now I’m coming along, and I’m starting to write songs

(chorus) Its gonna be hard when you’re playing one man gigs / you gotta be strong or you’re never gonna make it big / I stare at the sun and you think I get depressed / not at all I’m just obsessed

Start a band, someones gotta be an iron man, cuz / no one cares as much as me / so I put on the phones / put on the headphones its the Beatles and the Rolling Stones

(chorus) its gonna be hard, what if I ever really make it there / always say that I am but what if I’m unprepared / I’m focusing in, always trying to do my best / all the time cuz I’m obsessed

one more verse, some more about the curse / my family all agree / they say “what is this want? why do you fell the need to be?” / and I say “because from birth, I’ve been here on the earth, and I always play these songs… so it couldn’t be wrong, or else / why does it fell so strong”

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