Ode to Truth

by John Milne

Genre: Folk


In the darkness of the river
On the convex side of cereal spoons
In the face of old wheat pennies
On empty and full moons
In every Sunday fun-page
In the dot-to-dots I trace
I see that face

In the songs I sing to noone
In the pale notes of jug bands
In the giggles from the bedroom
In the screams of poisoned land
In the fish that dance through bubbles
Silent by their choice
I hear that voice

In the crunching of an ice-cube
In sweat dripping from a brow
In hopeless shots of double bourbon
In milk straight from the cow
In great gulping springs of water
In coffee’s shallow sips
I taste those lips

In the smoke of every tavern
In the winds that bend the trees
In paper mills and barber shops
In all bread factories
In the life that is uncovered
As tide water shrinks and swells
I smell that smell

In the wrinkles on the pillow
In a sudden brush with time
In yellow pages of a novel
In whatever matter makes up minds
In the buoyancy of water
In a three-year-old hand’s clutch
I feel that touch

Yes – I’ll be your lover
Yes – There’ll be no other
Yes – I’ll never stray
Now please go away

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