by Harry V

Genre: Rock


Are the trials that I remember
Telling me that I’ve been wrong
I’ve been searching for an answer
Isolated for so long

On our souls I keep on yearning
For a piece of heart and mind
Every sunrise in my shadows
Tells me someday you’ll be mine

Was it true love…that you left me on my own?
Was it true love…I must stand the pain alone?
Was it true love…feel my world is going down
Was it true love…that you don’t want me around

Now there’s no rhyme or reason
As our story goes along
And this darkness in the evening
Give me pains that don’t belong

Yet these pages keep on turning
For whatever I may do
And my mind it keeps on burning
With the love I feel for you


Now that I’m lost and so confused
I’m so tired of being abused
There isn’t much more I can say
I’m looking for forward to a better day

Girl I’m begging your forgiveness
For the shame I’ve put you through
Cause I never meant to harm us
Now it’s late for me and you

No friends and yet no strangers
Could have ever come this far
Now I don’t know who to turn to
Since our love’s been torn apart


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