Old 66

by Eric Douglas

Genre: Americana/Country


I put my last cigarette out in the half-full coffee cup
That same old weary waitress shakes her head
“Eddie, I keep telling you I’ll make you clean this up”
But she winks and takes the dish away instead
She sighs and says, “Why don’t you go on home
You’ve been sitting here alone all afternoon
Ain’t it time that you admit what you already know
I don’t think she’s coming back for you”
Most folks roll on past along the highway
Except truckers and the poor souls broken down
I’m at the corner table at the Old 66 café
Just in case she wanders back through town
Route 66 breathed life into this country
Roadside diners, billboards, and neon signs
You could make it up to Tulsa in eight hours
Then the highway came along, now you can make it there in five
And my true love took off to find her future
That shining highway must have called her name
But just like these rusted towns along route 66
I’m still here and I can’t quit this game

Eventually the Old 66 shut its doors as well
Boards on the windows, just another ghost in town
So I’ll hit the highway, take me down the road a spell
But someday I know I’ll be back around

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