by Mik Dempsey

Genre: Rock


You can’t change history
no no you can’t cheat death
can you change destiny

within my chemistry
and endless trail of bloodshed
war is all I see

Cause when I lost you it was by my hand
remorse and rage, exceeding endless thirst
I’ll wreak my vengeance now throughout the land
my mind’s polluted! This relentless curse!

And For my father’s reign
a kingdom made of pain
I shall uphold my cause
to break the chains that bound
have it go crashing down
I shall defy the odds

The prophet’s telling me of all my crimes
are bound upon me now until my death
now never knowing if I’ve done my time
I’ll think of you beyond my final breath. . .

(acquiescent innocence)
(paragon malevolence)
(undermine the consequence)
(liberate the penitents

Save me From Myself!

Is it over, Oh God it’s never over

Searched through Heaven Hell and Earth for you!

Will I ever see your face again?

I will tear this God Damned world apart!

If I never see your face again!

Or could you save me from myself?

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