On This River

by David Cohen

Genre: Christian


On this river, I’m simply floating
And on this river, I wade alone
On this river, I see the world around me
But where is the Source, my home?

Down this river, I’m slowly sailing
And where I’m drifting is still unknown
On this river, I watch the shores roll by
Far from the Source, my home

And on this river, the waves get rocky
And I fear I’ve lost my way
And as I’m struggling, I’m slowly going under
So far from the Source, my home

Now the river, is far below me
And I’m floating so high above
And I’m laughing, because I see it’s perfect
At one with the Source, my home

On this river, again I’m floating
Because the river comes back around
And I’m singing a song of peaceful silence
At one with the Source, my home
I’ve come back to the Source, my home.

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