One Life

by Randy Clark

Genre: Country



Written and performed by Randy Clark
Copyright 2007 Randy Clark

Verse 1

Did you ever stop and wonder or lie awake at night
Does your cup fill like it’s empty but there’s no springhouse in sight
There’s a candle in the window but you don’t see the light, ah no
Everybody’s got their problems, sad but it’s so true
Sometimes you wait so long to make a dream come true
And when the time is right make sure you follow through, ah yeah


You only get one life, you gotta have a plan
You gotta spend some time talkin’ to the man
You gotta get things right, you gotta make a stand
You gotta find someone to love you if you can
You only get one life

Verse 2

Sometimes we search for riches, sometimes we’re just dirt poor
Sometimes we have the key but it won’t unlock the door
Sometimes we’ve had enough, but we’re always wanting more, ah yeah
Sometimes you go the distance, sometimes you burn out fast
Start livin’ for the future and forget about the past
And when you find true love, try to make it last, ah yeah


Verse 3

Sometimes you’re way too early, sometimes you’re way too late
When you set your sights on something, make sure you’re shootin’ straight
And if you’re fishin’ for the answers, don’t forget the bait, ah no

Chorus plus

You only get one life, you gotta have it all
Stop livin’ like a shadow on the wall
Whatever road you take,you gotta read the signs
Don’t you ever leave the ones you love behind
Oh you only get one life, oh yeah

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