One of Me

by Yijia Tu

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


I don’t know who lives, inside, this mind
I don’t think it’s me, I’m too hard to define
One of them gets by, as one of them gets high
One of them is dying, to stay, alive
One is singing, one is listening, and hiding
One is shinning away, one is shying away
One of them is me, one of them doesn’t want to be
One of them hates me, but the rest of them, loves me
Some are blind inside, some are blind outside
Some have never left, some have left-without goodbyes
Some are dead inside, some are dead outside
Some of them are gone, but no goodbyes, no hi’s
One of them is me, when one of them wants to be
And when, one of them hates me, I know the rest of them still loves me
All of them is me, before I know what is me
None of them is me, when I know that, there is no me.

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