Other Peoples Songs

by Stuart Abrams

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


He played “The Long Black Veil” “Cold Sheets of Rain”
Other peoples words couldn’t hide the pain
That clung to his eyes are scarred and teared
give him back those missing years

He’d hide himself behind six strings
gave away most everything
Now it seems to him they aint coming back

Tried alcohol tried cocaine
Just no match for the kind of pain
Die is cast rolled snake eyes from his tongue
All he’s got to hold at night
is his double-0 with extra lights
He can’t bare to write another song

If he passes through this town
you better catch him on his last go ’round
A man that looks that way never lasts too long

Know’s the time is coming soon when
they’ll find him in some hotel room
old guitar still singing that final song

It all comes down to foolish pride
she’d of loved him still if he’d just tried
Instead she reads about the way he died too soon
Guitar’s on the wall silent as a tomb
dreaming of the songs they used to play

“Long Black Veil” “Sheets of Rain”
Other people’s words couldn’t ease the pain
That ain’t no life singing other peoples songs

I’m just a few mistakes away from singing along
Just a few mistakes away from singing along

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