Our Love Won’t Wait

by Robert Smith

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Our Love Won’t Wait

I can see you there
just across the way.
That brilliant smile so rare
lighting up this perfect day.

Which Angel brought you here?
So close within my reach.
It’s a miracle, that’s clear.
With such ease my heart did breach.

Stopped cold.
Inhibitions fold.
Breath I can not hold.
It’s time to be bold.

Please say
here you will stay.
Throw all doubts away.
It’ll be OK.

Surround my face with your red hair.
Take all this love I have to share.
Fall to pieces if you dare.
My heart’s laid bare.

Deny that this is something great.
Grab hold before it gets too late.
No time for us to hesitate.

Our love won’t wait.
It just won’t wait.

Hold tight.
This just feels so right.
See that holy light?
It’ll end our night.

You belong with me.
Thru you I can see
all I’ll ever be.

All I ever was has washed away
this fateful sultry summer day.
Baby you have shown my only way
and out before us it does lay.

Brought together, became one.
Straight toward our future we can run.
That glow ahead’s our rising sun.
Babe our story’s just begun.

A gift from God or maybe fate
has brought us here to heaven’s gate.
With holy purpose did create.
Baby know…Our love won’t wait.
It just won’t wait

Our love won’t wait….

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