Pet Crow

by Michael Danckert

Genre: Pop


(Chorus)I wanna pet crow upon my shoulder. A wise ole crow – for to call my friend. I wanna pet crow for when I get older. To accompany me – at the long days end.
(Verse1) How many times have you looked to people how many times have they let you down. See the lone bird at the top of the steeple He’s gonna run’em all out of town. He stands at the side of the road in the sunshine He sits up in the tree as the night does fall. He looks his best in his jet black jacket and he’s smarter than the folks down at city hall.
(Chorus repeat)
(Verse2)He cleans his coat and he calls out to the others. He spreads his wings as the sun does rise. He sings so shrill as he flies in a murder but he never plucked out anybodies eyes. We’ll go where ever we please together – He’ll be my guide when I lose my way. He’ll sound his ralleying call in danger – an keep every kind of trouble at bay.
(Chorus 2 – outro to end)

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