Peter Pan

by Daniel Lerner

Genre: Pop


Peter Pan

I saw you carry on my friend
Carry bags around the bend
I’m one generation shifted up
Day by day, month by month

Don’t you know it’s so
Hard to say I’m ready
To grow old for sure
It’s hard to say I really want to
Be mature
It’s nothing more than hoping that
Peter Pan will come and rescue me

I held to the past like a futurist
And let go with a loosened fist
And I’m running from the times that fade
Like tossing and running from a hand grenade
And from now on until the end
I’m closer to 20 than I am to 10
So I’ll try to stay outside the dream
Where I chase a feeling I had when I was 15


And I know that it’s hard to live a life of isolation
But I just want to be immersed in Neverland’s population
Where everything that moves the way that life wants it to
Is paused ever so comfortably
But I love to see the reminiscing smile across the face
Of my parents speaking fondly of the good old days
And yes I know
That they too would sing


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