peter pan

by joel sprayberry

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


I’ll be your peter pan

Mr. Captain hook you aint got nothing on me
I’ll probably take a ride down to never never land
And see my sweet Wendy

a rainy day conveniently blown away
Whenever she comes near
She can light up your life, turn ya inside out
She makes ya lighter than air~

You make me stronger than I’ll ever be
I’ll do anything if you say “you love me”
I’ll fly across the sea
Just to hold onto your hand
Cause I’ll be your, I’ll be your peter pan

You can shoot me down,
Confine me to the ground
You can do whatever you please
You can shave my head, Leave me for dead
Just as long as I can see Wendy

I don’t need no crocodile with crooked teeth
To try and change my mind
No barking dogs, No teddy bears,
I’d leave it all behind


I’ll be your peter pan
Whenever you’re lonely
Whenever you need a friend
I’ll be your peter pan
I’ll comfort you until the end

I’d walk the plank, maybe rob a bank
Let the lost boys all alone
And if I must, remove the pixie dust
Just to have you here at home

I’d empty out the scabbard,
throw away the dagger and get down on my knees
I’d lose my shadow
Walk the straight and narrow
Just to see my sweet darling

V: C#m – F#m – B2 – E – G#m
Chorus: A – B – E – C#m – F#m – B – E – G#m –
A – B – E – C#m – F#m – G#m7
Br: A – A/G# – A/F# – E

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