Pieces of Love

by Celia Rose

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Pieces of Love

Verse 1:
When I was young, I wrote a poem about socks
One about chocolate, one about pencils, one about clocks
And I wrote a poem about cherry trees in the spring
And one about pieces of love

Pieces of love were everywhere
In nook and cranny, on shelf and stair
As I found each one, I began to see
That it was you who gave them to me

When I started to write my own tune
Sitting on the dog house, singing to the moon
Sometimes I lay on the drive in the middle of the night
And wrote about pieces of love


It was you who read every word
It was you who listened and heard
If I needed to be alone, you let me be
It was you who understood me.

If I wrote a new song and played it for you
You listened with your eyes closed, and didn’t speak ‘til I was through
As my song came to an end
the first thing you said was…ok, now play it again.

Chorus 2x

(The song is based on this poem that I wrote when I was 12)

A place where love is everywhere
In nook and cranny on shelf and stair
There’s laughter on the second floor
A touch of glory by the door
A bit of romance in my parents’ room
A scrap of sorrow where we keep the broom
Gobs of excitement here and there
A pinch of fun by the rocking chair
Chunks of caring wherever you roam
That’s where I live and I call it home

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