Place in the Sky

by Jean Pascal Monzies

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Forgive me for I have sinned
O father hear my confessions
Then tell me where to begin
Relinquish worldly possessions
Purge myself of all earthly desires
Walk with God alone
This monastery’s my funeral pyre
Must I give up all I have known

I’m the youngest brother of four
And it seems I cannot be free
While the oldest is heir to the throne
How do I face my new destiny
To live out of my days in celibacy
Closing my eyes and solemn prayer
Giving away all of me
For a place in the sky

I bade my dear love farewell
Now I’m bound for brotherhood
And though I love her oh so well
I must take these vows for good
Diverging paths with no escape
A love that can only belong
To a different time
A different place
In a different song

Today I ask your advice
O what is my life’s purpose
Must I learn to live without her
Tell me do we deserve this
I know we are the ones to blame
For our hearts desires
But should we really feel ashamed
O father hear my plight

The good priest said unto me
I’ve heard you speak of love
And if what you feel is true
Then that should be enough
Go find this girl as fast as you can
For God will follow you there
As for duties of priesthood
I tell you my son
Love above all, love above all…

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