Please, Stop the Rush

by Nathan Parent

Genre: Rock


Please, Stop the Rush
Written and Performed by: Nathan Parent

You laugh about, those silly cosmic sounds; filling your head.
I watch the stars, you shut your eyes and fall on the bed.

You’re speaking loud and are upset about, the things I have said.
You have to start, choosing the things you want to be.

But, it won’t come easily!
Foretelling future lies and forcing all your discontent away.
I’m sure you’ve tried, but now you see:
You can share it all with me.

I found it out, sadly I accepted all without a word.
How can it be, I closed by eyes and fell asleep?
It’s morning now, everything has come apart, closing in on myself.
Please, Stop the rush! You’re killing me without your touch!

Could this really be the end?
11 Paratroopers falling down and taking you away to a foreign land; and now you’re not with me.

Still laughing loud I can tell you know it now. How it can be I do not?
I must be lost! How can I get away from here?
Away from here…

Please, stop the rush!
please, stop the rush!
Please, stop the rush!
Please, stop the rush!


Please, stop that god damn rush!

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