Poker, Poker

by Kari Tieger, Catherine Rousseau

Genre: World


Poker, Poker

Poker, poker:
Poker’s the game that you play.
It’s risky, it’s risky;
Try to have your way.

Voice of reason; let it go.
No place for wisdom, it’s fortune’s foe.


Nothing ventured; nothing gained.
Dig down deep or by the limit be restrained.


Dare you hesitate?
Should you reflect?
Bang your fist on the table,
What’s lost, you must forget…

Help from above, if you are brave
You’ll surely fold, if you behave.
Just let your motto be…Go!


No second thoughts: no regrets.
Eyes open, guard your cards; place your bets.
Hold your head high and play for all you’re worth!

Words by Catherine Rousseau
Music by Kari Tieger © 2002

NOTE: these lyrics are my translation of the original words, which are in French. I tried to keep rhymes in the English version, but these should not be critiqued, as it’s not what I’m singing. Thanks!

Here are the original lyrics:

Chorus: Poker, poker
Tu joues ton Coup de Poker
Les risques, les risques
Tu les prends maintenant

La raison, Tais-toi
La sagesse n’a pas
La dimension de ta folie

Qui n’ose, n’a rien
Tu fonces, ou bien
Le plafond te retient

Hésitation? Réflexion?
Coup de poing sur la table
Balayer l’impossible

Mets ton courage, le Ciel t’aidera
Ne sois pas sage, ou t’en creveras
Que ton message soit: va

Ni les frileux, ni les chagrins,
Ne ferment tes yeux, bloquent tes mains
Va le front haut et joue ta peau

Paroles par C. Rousseau (SACEM)
Musique par K. Tieger (ASCAP)
© 2002

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