by Cody Page

Genre: Rock


walk, talk
just like an elephant with
hot shocks
of very beautiful and
taut thoughts
that closes eyes to the impossible

like a fanatic in your
green sheets
it’s automatic, you should
trust me
so pick your possible

’cause i see it in you

thin skin
logistic formulas
and all that normal is
all fiction:
the skinny fractions of impossible

see me
as your protection in the
palm trees
and every section of your
hot dreams
as vivid as possible

’cause i see it in you
indelible beautiful you

month to month and so courageous
write, rip, read and turn my pages
you deserve this introduction:
shoots and leaves without compunction
find a line that shines and cross it
time to stab your albatrosses
time to pen and ink your opus
time can never ever choke us

so smart
a combination of your
head and your art
the education of a
passionate heart
the cultivation of possible

remember, dear
the spell is lifted in
december, dear
when optimistically
assembled gears
spin for the possible

’cause i see it in you
indelible beautiful you

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