Prairie Town

by Corinne Newton

Genre: Americana/Country


There ain’t nothin’ like a prairie town
everyone knows you for miles around
ya you just gotta wave ’cause chances are
you’re gonna know who’s drivin that car
and even if you don’t
chances are they’re gonna know your folks, ya
the nicest people around
are living in a prairie town

What they lack in population
they make up for in conversation
down at the local coffee shop, every morning
“Did you hear the latest from Bill” and
“who moved into that house on the hill”
“what’s the weather supposed to do this week”
“’cause if it’s callin for rain I’ll meet you down at the bar on main, when the beer clouds are passin through
and I’ll buy you a brew”


Kids got 4H on Monday
gotta be at church on Sunday
See you down at the rink every night between
Thanks to my 4×4 I made it to the game in the snow storm
some places you just gotta be
And in the summer time
Down at the lake every weekend you’ll find
the campground full of the country folks
singing and telling jokes


they may not have a fast food chain
ya but everyone knows everybody else’s name
and that class of 20 graduating from high school
They’re gonna go and tell the world they ain’t nobody’s fool
and that there…


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