Precipitation (deep)

by Clou Simon

Genre: Pop


Precipitation (Music & Lyrics: Clou Simon)

Waking up with the morning sun what a
wish a long long time ago
The only warmness I’m expecting is the
shower, my good friend

Save it store it make it warmer
Turn it to the limit
The really worst is yet to come when I
have to stop this now

I take a breath step out of the shower
I’m a hero and leave my home

I know all kinds of precipitation
Snow, sleet, downpour, drizzle, rain
Day by day – the same ration
Can’t believe that it’s May

Why do I have to slide on the water
Just like a damned sail boarder
Where’s the sun sun sunny springtime
Why’s the sky always grey

Everywhere and always water
Cold and wet that does it!
An ocean in the middle of the road
That’s the last thing I needed

From the top from the front from the side
and now from the bottom what is wrong here?
Water, water always water
Maybe that’s the pier

I take a breath jump over the ocean
I’m a hero and make it now!


July, some weeks later
On my summer holiday
I want to sit on the beach and wait for the sun
But what the hell is coming down here?

Precipitation – uohoooo

I can’t stand it, I can’t bear it

Precipitation, precipitation, precipitation, precipitaiaiaiaition

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