Pretty Little Thing

by J. Lutes

Genre: Rock


So I was told
In days of old
That a girl on fire will leave you standing in the cold
Now she might look nice
But you gotta think twice
‘cause underneath it all you know she’s cold as ice
So she took my little heart, and she broke it all apart
And I tried to play it smart, but I should’ve taken some advice

But this love of mine
She’s a one of a kind
She got me beaming and day-dreaming all of the time
When I’m lying in bed
Every word she said
Got me spinning, ‘til the blood rush to my head
And I always come around, every time I go to town
She could always let me down, but man it hasn’t happened yet

She’s a high-class, low-cost, fine little piece of creation
The twinkle in her eye shining brighter than a diamond ring
I’m a four-wheel rider, she’s a five-star destination
just can’t hold her enough, she’s my pretty little thing

The stars tonight
Are burning bright
And through the darkness I have finally seen the light
But it would be
A tragedy
If this love left me so blind I couldn’t see
But I know that she is real, in her make-up and her heels
She’s a really big deal for a small-town boy like me


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