Prodigal Song

by Angus Martin

Genre: World


From the Golden Gate bridge to the gates of St Peter
I kept to my digs and I gathered the meter
but when I arrived he said ‘drop all you got
cause we aint got no room for a man with a lot’.

From the old Mattole River to the River of Death
I tucked in my gut and I held in my breath
out in the middle is where the wind died
so I started to blow and got to the other side

From the Teton Mountains to Mount Olympus
I gathered speed, I gathered impetus
but when I arrived you know Zeus wasn’t there,
just a note on the table saying ‘what do I care’

From the Delta of Po to the Delta of Venus
I held my ground, I held on to my penis
but when she arrived she said ‘you ain’t got no grounds at all,
just the grounds in your coffee and the grounds on which you fall.’

From the tree in my backyard to the tree of life
I sharpened my axe and I jilted my wife
but when I arrived there was no tree to be found
just some old rotten apples lying on the ground

So I sat me down and I took me a bite
and after a while I admit to feeling alright
I sat me down in the ashes and the mud
and after a while I realized, this is what the world calls love

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