Pushing My Luck

by Toni Vere

Genre: Americana/Country


I was walking along at the edge of a road,
somewhere just east of my mind,
saw a bird in the sky, circling above,
reminded me of someone I love.

I stepped back in time to a few years ago,
when simple was something i lived,
You gave to me, everything i could ask
I’m a lucky girl and that’s where it’s at

I’ve got some beer in my fridge,
and someone i love,
a beautiful daughter,
and son’s i’m proud of,
a full tank of gas in my old pick up truck,
i’m spinning my wheels,
pushing my luck.

I woke up this morning with you on my mind,
and i wondered, were you thinking of me?
i looked outside at the clouds in the sky
baby, how lucky am I?

I’ve got a fist full of flowers in my left hand,
i have a pay-check, and video on demand,
a smile in my heart and a life that don’t suck,
i’m spinning my wheels,
pushing my luck.
spinning my wheels…

Got my back to the wall,
The suns shining bright,
I gotta drive all day cause i got a show tonight,
pack up the gear in my old pick up truck,
i’ll be spinning my wheels,
and pushing my luck,
ya i’m spinning my wheels ,
and pushing my luck.

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