Red Giant

by Billy Frank, Russ Frank, Geoff LaForge, Yousaf Mir, Frank Mauro

Genre: Rock


Scanning through the night sky
Looking for one shape that I used to like
But it’s gone, or it’s changed
A fundamental part has been rearranged
One star near death
Not quite as hot as the sun, but there’s still heat left
But you’re gone before we’re done, we’re done

I can’t seem to break away
But you’re completely out of range
As your red passion fades to grey I orbit you

And I’m absorbed in the hue
When you close your eyes and you look into the sun
And that color trails back to the dying light like a comet’s tail
So far all I hear is the death of a star ringing in my ears
And I’m wondering why

I can’t seem to break away
In my mind you should have stayed
Our red giant swells ablaze
I can’t let you walk away

You’re completely out of range
In my mind you should have stayed

And we’re expanding out of range
Your heart cold and mine ablaze
To supernova’s not my way
Your satellite I will remain

Our red passion fades to grey
And our red giant burns away

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