by Ala Ghawas

Genre: Folk/Acoustic



words & music by ala ghawas

I flew those airplanes and I crashed those wheels
Like a vagabond in the search for something precious, something real
Look what I found now, the same old fish in my creel

The scars on my heart are getting so damn clear
My occasional tears are so foolish but so sincere
It makes me wonder, is it you yearning here?

You and I have never made it to the time borders
I spent my life in classrooms and you spent yours by the water
Though the only dream we ever had was to be footballers

You never mind weeping, you never mind to bleed
The dreamy Romeo and the delicate branch from this family’s tree
You jail the hearts so fast but you break so easily

I’m just your replica
I’m just your replica

You’re the real diamond,
Now I seem to know myself when your light depart
All this time you’re the original God’s master piece of art
I have the money and the deeds but I don’t have your heart

You’re the real diamond,
And all your virtues that I refused to borrow
Are the essences of my long journey to form my own duo
It’s the same old-fashioned song but on a new piano

I’m just your replica
I’m just your replica

ala ghawas – guitars, keyboards, drums & bass programming, vocals
elden kelly – oud, backing vocals

ala ghawas records © 2007 • all rights reserved

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