Respect ft. Torio Jones

by Jeremy Levy, Lee Edmondson, Jay Edmondson, James Mitchell

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Indelible – Respect ft. Torio Jones


If you came from the block I’m from
then you’d say how I act is normal
but you ain’t from the block I’m from
so don’t hate on the cat I warn ya
Only gonna wait gonna wait
gonna wait gonna wait
gonna wait only so damn long,
Only gonna wait gonna wait
gonna wait gonna wait
gonna wait only so damn long.

Verse 1 (illucid):

I gotta lot of motivation wish that u could hear it things that going on inside my head but not produced in spirit
I pour my heart and soul in every single lyric , got a lot to show a lot of goals but never seem to get in near it
I gotta focus on the rope is on
I tie a noose
Get the fuck out in my dodge
Break the tires loose
Park in the garage at the lodge pour a rye and juice
Baby I been eyeing you
Since way back in 9-2
And I been trying to everyday to find you always on my mind sometimes how I remind you
Like Nickelback I pack the pipe and pick the bpm
A monster on the track they gonna have to put it on CNN
And I’m an artist so I’ll paint myself a masterpiece the art of war is actually
Me callin all the faculty (Paranoyd)
I got my team in back of me
No matter what your thought pattern
You think you’ll ever rise above , It will not happen


Verse 2: (Torio Jones)

Apologies a comedy –
never assisted in psychology or harmony so,
don’t even bother me yo
I learned way more bein alone
then all them rich folk be on the throne
waiting for yes men
Why I’m proud to be Torio Jones
with more flavour then all Doritos known
music my best friend
But in the end I ain’t the king of the woods but hey I’m livin,
and my standard of livin is good from where I’m sittin
Shook hands with mans who really written books,
on intelligence and people given looks,
Opinion is irrelevant cause people really crooks,
out for they own benefits so why you looking shook
know what’s goin down, shh
recognize it and know we’re growin sound
sympathizing I never got em I hope you wrote it down so,
Who do you think you are?
I hope you know you need some more than a whip to be star,
keep it real


Verse 3 (J Thorn)

Well it ain’t just the block you called a home or where you started from
Never just the talk its more the heart and where you got it from
sort of like you’re breathing smoke
Even if you got a gun – leave it in the trunk they lost the meaning and I got it son
Seein as i seen you take a step back – fight and take your set back – aint nobody ever disrespect that
Believe me bro you got it Gotta keep it in perspective
don’t never let the negative discolour your objective
I’m sorry if I ever let you down but you feel me
I was rollin through the darker side of town with a 750 milli
And a six pack lookin for a Philly
Tryin to tell you I was growin up – I guess I lost a bit of “your respect”
Along the way this is life tho
You never see me sinkin but I always need a life boat
Maybe just a life coach I’m walkin on a tight rope
It’s more then just a mic this is all I have to fight for is your respect

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