by Jano Bermudes/Neile Bermudes

Genre: Rock


Oh this rhythm in my blood tonight
I can stop my feet from dancing
and all of the blood we spilled in the fight
I soak up with my own blood
Oh this rhythm in my sole tonight
I cant stop my heart from pumping
and all the fear we felt and all the fright
evaporates into the night
into the night evaporates ah
evaporates into the night

in the cold dark night a sobering scene for what was once there is gone again
from ashes to ashes and dust to dust once fear dies there aint no rush

and from my hands like grains of sand or shards of glass the way they feel
fall twisted dreams of broken stars scattered souls on winter breeeze its easy

Oh this rhythm in the world tonight
I cant stop the world from turning
and all of the doubt we had in our mind
burns in the fire of unkind
we shall be free
we shall be free

all around me razed to the ground lie mortared walls of hollow town
that once kept hidden my heart and soul and also kept my fears at bay
but now lay open for all to see yeah lifeless slain just a part of me
my ego death is coming round first taste of freedom was to hit the ground
first taste of reedom was to hit the ground

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