Rings in the Water

by Thomas Scott Pearce

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


last night I had a dream
of an ancient tumbling stream
that flowed across the valley and the hills
And I followed it along
past every rock and stone
to a lake where the waters were still.
There I saw a child alone, sitting on a pile of stones
and he’d throw them one by one into the lake
And with every stone he’d throw
He’s sit and watch the circles grow
Then he’s turn to me and say
“rings in the water, rings in the water…”

Then I saw the world from up above
Mankind spread out just like waters of a lake.
And I thought about the stones
One by one
Stones of love
Stones of hate
And I saw how the rings that each stone made,
Some were strong
Some would break
And I knew somehow that these rings of love
Could push all the other rings away
Rings in the water, Rings in the water…

What if for just one day
Everyone could lay all the bad stones down on the shore
And toss the good ones in
And watch the Love begin
Spreading Peace on the waters once more?

Can you forgive one sin?
Can you go make amends
To somebody that you hurt along the way?
Help a stranger in need
You know no good deed
Stands by itself
Or goes unseen.

It’s like rings in the water
Rings in the water
Rings in the water
Rings in the Water…

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