Robot Love

by Alex Konya, Ben Eshbach

Genre: Pop


I am just an early ARCHI 2.0
I’m the bestest in my class, for sure, they say
They don’t make ’em like me anymore, oh no
I work the days away
deep in my banks there is a place
where echoes of you remain
dreaming of your gleaming user interface
set in supple polyurethane
MINA-808 comes on the radio
I’m pretending she is singing just to me
but we’re not the correct sample ratio
oh, why, just can’t it be
Mina, sing to me in stereo
I’ve been searching for an ARCHI 2.0
in my song it yearns for someone just like you
they don’t make ’em like you anymore, oh no
a robot made for two
deep in my song there is a place
where echoes of you come true
dreaming of you kisses and your warm embrace
dreaming that I’m with you
Mina, sing to me in stereo

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