Romantic Song

by Paja Rocky

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Music by Paja Rocky
Lyrics By David Rolleston

Verse 1
You came to love me, you saw my soul
You said that you would come, everyday
But then you left me, please call my phone
Let’s Communicate

Chorus 1
You’re the right kind of love
So I’m writing this song, I’m Romantic again
I don’t want to start to blame,
Cause I went down in flames, not so long ago

Verse 2
I wanted to go where, Romance grows
You said you’d pray for love, and dedicate
I’m gonna love you till the day I die,
I wanna live in a place where I,
Where I can celebrate

Chorus 2
You said you wanna go
Down that lonely trail, where no Romantics go
If you hear the sound of rain,
You better take your coat, while you walk away

Guitar Solo

Chorus 2

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