by Mike Hyden

Genre: Rock



I couldn’t believe the day you came into my life
I’ll never forget the love we shared
Am I so naïve to think… you’ll someday be my wife
When there’s contradiction in the air

I gave you the time, the space, to try and work it out
I’ve patiently waited here alone
But lately the signs I’ve seen begin to cast some doubt
On whether you’re ever coming home

I heard a rumor that
You’re not coming back
That you have better things to do
I think if that’s the case
You’d tell me face to face
You’d tell me if it’s really true
(second and third time)
But I’m beginning to think it’s true
Am I a fool for loving you

I’ve heard it from friends, I’ve seen the sad look in their eyes
But still I resist to think it’s through
I have to pretend that they are only talkin’ lies
I’ve still yet to hear it straight from you

Repeat Chorus

There’s a rumor widespread that you’re never comin’ back
Like a tumor in my head that is growing so fast
It’s a sad prognosis when the doctor’s diagnosis
Says my happy days are done and the worst is yet to come
And with everything I hear I’m sticking fingers in my ears
And I’m humming so loud that I’m drowning out the crowds
Make it stop, make it go, please come knocking on my door
I’m alone, please come home, I can’t take it anymore

It’s funny how love and me, we never seem to last
Like money and fools we’re soon to part
But honey I knew that you put all this in the past
I came to believe it in my heart

Repeat Chorus

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