Run or Stay

by Ty Roberts and Bill Hines

Genre: Pop


If you’d walk around you’d see, what a drag you are to me,
Life is in such disarray, waits for me to go or stay,
If you want I’ll run away.
Look at all the life we’ve lost, you can tally up the cost,
You can’t always have your way, and at the end of this day,
One of us ‘ll be on our way.

What do you want from me anyway
Would you like to see me run or should I stay?
Think it’s time for me to run and you to stay?
Or you can make the choice- you can
Run or stay. Run or stay.

I can love away my life, live with you in all this strife,
I can keep on being kind, then one day I’ll fine-lee find,
That I have lost my mind,
You depend on me to say, depend on me to show the way,
But when this is all done, one of us is going to run,
and the other one will stay.


Who’ll be running from this place, is it going to be a race?
It doesn’t have to be this way, we can make it work someday,
Would you rather see me stay?
I just want to be your friend, I have a helping hand to lend,
Can we make it one more day? If you want I’ll run away,
Or would you rather see me stay?


Chorus reprise:
What do you want from me anyway?
Should I run or should I stay?
I will run and you can stay, or
You can make the choice- run or stay!
Run or stay? Run or stay?

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