Running Head

by Louisa Le Marchand

Genre: Rock


Running Head
Spirit waking bodies aching, visions of truth running around my head
Sunlight dances, life advances, moments of dreams left unsaid
Passing from the world nighttimes, through the doorway of the dawn
Holding onto journeys travelled, capturing stories still unread

Gauntlet shadows, visions narrowed, night’s from the past that fade away
Tightrope walking, darkness stalking, cosmos reflections, times delay
Down the corridors of dreamlands, illuminated night and day
Past encounters battles ended, pain of old wounds fade away

Violent actions, day’s distraction, keeping the cold and dark without
Silent whispers punctured blistered, reflections of childhood roundabout
Running from the charcoaled memories, haunted moments living on
Learning from the past is wisdom; Trust in belief will have no doubt

Lightning striking, death inviting, breath withdrawn is now replaced
Karmic dancing, life advancing, sonnets of sorrow love encased
Sailing on a tide of wisdom, journeyed on in search of truth
Hopes eternal sampled inwards, thoughts now reflected light embrace

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