S.A.D Song

by Kaz Simmons

Genre: World


I love this time of year,
When the grass runs through my toes
And I need to shield my eyes from the sun.

Everyone is content
Or so it seems to me,
But does the sun hide what’s to come?

Make the most of this,
It will be autumn soon.
Bodies will turn pale
Raging colds and flu

Will my love for you fall, like the leaves?
Will your love for me die, never to be retrieved?


So to the sudden change,
Before September’s done,
And there’s time to buy a new wardrobe.

I don’t know what you’re like, when it’s cold.
You don’t know my nose turns red
And I look like a certain reindeer.

I don’t know if I’ll cry, when it’s dark
And the curtains are drawn so early in the day.

I don’t want this to end
But I know how I’ll be
I’m sure this happens every year

I’m sure this happens every year
I’m sure this happens every year

But I didn’t have you then

Perhaps I’ll get one of those lamps
And pretend it’s always summer
And dance in my room in my sandals
With you in my arms.

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